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This one might be the cutest yet!

So I come home one day last week and my wife and daughter approach me about taking in another stray pet. We already have a zoo! I said that I didn’t think it was a good idea.

I went and took my normal nap I take after an early morning of work and woke up to a bunny! Glad to see I have such control.

A friend of a friend had found this bunny in their yard. It was obviously a pet rabbit that had gotten lost. I hate to think somebody would just put this animal out. The nice lady who found him had taken him to the vet and he had some problems. His leg is messed up. He hobbles a bit, but gets around. Heck so do I! Not sure how that injury happened. He also has BAD scar tissue inside his ears. But he is so sweet!

My daughter keeps him in her room because we have two dogs and we are not sure how they might react. He has a palace up there! She named him Thumper. My wife and myself call him Jack Jack, because he is all JACKED UP. But adorable!

Check out the photo’s of him and all the other animals we have. Feel free to post a final count on how many we have!