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This is one of our favorite shows. Is it going overboard?

New episodes of Wheel Of Fortune will premiere next week.

Executive producer Mike Richards told Deadline how the long-running game show is adapting to filming during the coronavirus pandemic. Richards said, “Our challenge was not unique, to get back up and running in a way that is safe for everyone involved while making subtle improvements to make ‘America’s Game’ even better. I think we have accomplished that in a big way, and our fans can be comfortable knowing that they’re going to tune in to see the Wheel of Fortune they love.”

Some of the changes include a larger platform that keeps contestants and host Pat Sajak six-feet away from each other as well as each contestant getting a “spinning cap” to spin the wheel. The cap prevents the wheel from directly being touched by any hands. Sajak calls the cap “the white thingy.”

Is this being extreme?