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Catherine Lane

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When I was in New York City a few years ago I visited the spot where the towers fell on September 11 , 2001.  In the place of the towers, a memorial and museum stands, a waterfall of sorts that falls as far as the eye can see.  People say the waterfall represents the tears that have fallen since that day.  Surrounding the waterfalls are the names, encased in granite, of every person that lost their life that horrible day.

I can’t describe the reverence around that memorial.  No one  says a word even in the center of New York city.  I asked my nephew if this was unusual.  And he says no its everyday.  Tomorrow we look back in memory of those who lost their lives and remember those who tried their best to save lives.

Things will look a little different this year in Charlotte but virtual memorials will still be available.  To learn more , get details from Patch