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Naming the best Batman of all time is always going to be debate among Batman lovers everywhere.

For example, my husband and Charlie.  I love watching these two get together and talk about their favorite action heroes.  It’s, well, adorable.  There is a new poll and it has crowned…Christian Bale as the greatest caped crusader to ever grace the silver screen.

The star of the Dark Night Trilogy took the top honors  with a massive 42 percent of the vote miles ahead of the classic Adam West.  BUT the tv batman did come in second place, very respectable showing.  That was just one percent ahead of Micheal Keaton.

The rest of the batmans came in this order:  Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy and Will Arnett (voice only).  Val Kilmer and George Clooney took the bottom two spots.

Here is Christian Bale’s screen test for the role:

THE DARK KNIGHT SCREEN TEST - Christian Bale - Cillian Murphy - Eion Bailey

Watch the full version here: