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Catherine Lane

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There is a Tiger on the loose wandering around Knoxville and no one seems to know where it came from.  The Knoxville Zoo says they aren’t missing any so it must have escaped from someone’s private home.  That part is unclear.

There have been multiple sightings, the first one came from a sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday night near an industrial park and several confused residents have since called to say the big cat was roaming around in their neighborhoods.

Leading the hunt is the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency with help of a tiger sanctuary.  At least one chicken laden humane trap was set but the tiger didn’t bite.  He will be taken to a sanctuary once captured.

Trap set after tiger spotted near Forks of the River Industrial Park in Knoxville

The Knox County Sheriff's Office issued an Be On the Lookout alert for a tiger late Wednesday night after reports of the animal being spotted in southeast Kn...