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I can’t decide if this woman is the craziest woman on earth…the bravest woman on earth…or just has the maddest surfing skills on earth.

Maybe a combination of all three.

The World Surf League announced Thursday that Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira set a new world record back in February when she surfed a 73.5 foot wave in Portugal, the biggest wave surfed by anyone so far this year.

Maya Gabeira Breaks Guinness World Record for the Largest Wave By a Woman | 73.5 Feet at Nazaré

Watch Maya Gabeira set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever ridden by a female surfer. The Brazilian surfer won "XXL Biggest Wave" at the 20...

For the record, if I’m standing on shore I’m scared of this wave.  Are you kidding me?

Why are we just now hearing about Gabeira’s record-breaking ride?  Because the women’s competition has a different set of measuring criteria than the men’s, meaning male surfer Kai Lenny was called the competition’s winner, even though Gabeira rode a wave three feet taller than Lenny’s.


After the competitors’ waves reviewed by scientists multiple times, the WSL finally said Gabeira did indeed surf 2020’s biggest wave.

Why does it matter male or female?  If you ride the wave, you ride the wave.

Hats off to Maya.  Mad props.  You are a demon!