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Cute Beagle puppy that bites a slipper

Sometimes firefighters get an adorable yet urgent call.  A mama  dog and her many puppies are stuck in a culvert and need some assistance.  Firefighters in Colleton county were up to the task and with a little assistance from a quick thinking bystander were able to safely reach all the dogs including one 20 feet into the culvert.

Fire crews and animal control were on the scene.  But how to get out that last puppy so far in there.  They used a PVC pipe and a saucepan to scoop up the pup.  Of course the firemen named that last baby “Scoop” and I’ll bet one of them adopts the little guy.

We LOVE dogs here, from the boss to the artists!

For more on this story that is sure to make you smile, just check out the story from Channel 9