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Let me start by saying these two things:

  1.  ABSOLUTELY anyone who wants to kneel during the National Anthem, has the right to do so.  That freedom of speech/expression is guaranteed by our constitution, and thousands have bled and died for that right.  Does everyone have to agree with it?  No.  AND THAT’S THEIR right as well.
  2. ABSOLUTELY I believe the media, through their method of reporting the kneeling during the anthem, is 100% to blame for the continued division and animosity as a result

As I logged on to my computer this morning, here are two stories that I came across within seconds:

Why the Panthers' Teddy Bridgewater, Robby Anderson took a knee during national anthem

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (The Charlotte Observer) - Minutes before the Panthers' game against the Raiders, the players and coaching staff lined up side-by-side in the north end zone and stood as " Lift Every Voice and Sing," played in the background. Panthers owner David Tepper also joined.

Doyel: Frank Reich kneels during anthem because it's not Black communities problem to fix

As his players stood and linked arms, as he prepared to take the knee heard 'round the world on Sunday, Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich's mind was racing. He knows what is happening around the country. NFL fans are furious with players for kneeling for the national anthem.

Do I personally care if someone is choosing to exercise his/her right of free speech and expression?  No.  Just as there’s no reason for me to expect they care about this blog.  And I believe most people feel this way about something legal that they don’t agree with.  Do what you want to do.  Just don’t force feed it to me.

And THAT’S the problem.

Have you asked yourself WHY  when the National Anthem is playing, the cameras during sports games frantically scan the sidelines looking for someone NOT standing?  The answer is simple:  it’s gonna cause controversy.  And controversy is interesting and compelling (for better or worse).

For a great many people this is an inexcusable offense.

And the networks know it.

And they know people are going to be aggravated.  And those people will tune in EVERY time to keep a list of those doing it.  And the bigger that list gets, the angrier they get.  The angrier they get…

Do you see where I’m going with this?  Just log on to social media and see the vitriol and hatred spewed from both sides of this issue.

If the purpose of all these protests is to bring people together (to a cause)…to unify people…why would you, as the media, do something that’s going to promote the exact opposite in so many?

Both sides are locked in.  No one’s changing anyone’s mind at this point (IMO).

So…why continue this narrative and method of operation?  Teddy Bridgewater and Frank Reich decided not to stand during the anthem.  It’s their right.  It’s their choice.  It’s not mine, but it’s theirs.

I just don’t know where it says I need to have their exercised rights and choices force fed to me.

Am I alone on this?