Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

A big part of our lives is live music.  It is not only what we love but for us at the radio station, it is a big part of our jobs.  It feels So strange not going out to Coyote Joe’s or PNC Music Pavilion or one of the other amazing live music venues in Charlotte.  And some of these music venues are of course in serious financial crisis.

Phase 2.5 does not include indoor entertainment and that is a problem for people who make a living on live entertainment.  12 different music venue owners are getting together and sending out a petition.  Their hope is enough people will sign the petition and it can be taken to lawmakers to help them get some financial assistance so that when the time comes when they can open that they will still be able to open.  So far over 5,000 people have reportedly signed it.

To learn more, you can get all the details right here!