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Keith Urban will be hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards tonight and it made us think about one of the times we got to sit down and ask the man all kinds of questions.  Things you will want to know like; what his favorite tattoo is and why, what cologne he uses that makes him smell SO good and what happened on his first night in Nashville.

And he has SO many trophies!  What does he do with them all?  Well, he tells Entertainment Tonight  that his mother has some of them!  He goes on to say ,”I wouldn’t be here without my mom driving me around all the gigs and all of that back in the day.  She was fantastic”.

Keith was also on CBS Sunday morning this past week  and his 11th studio album comes out on Friday called “The Speed of Now “.

Backstage interview with Keith Urban

Catherine and Tanner from Tanner in the Mornings go backstage with Keith Urban during his concert in North Carolina for a quick interview!

Keith Urban on new album, and a new stage

Stranded at home in quarantine this spring, Keith Urban had a tough time getting used to life as a traveling musician with nowhere to go. But as he told corr...