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It’s so funny that I came across this today.  The other night “Terminator 2:  Judgement Day” was on TV and there’s a huge scene at the beginning of the movie that takes place in an arcade.

For a child of the 1980s, who dumped countless quarters into video game machines in the arcade, this struck me as something that is gone forever.

The video game experience has been taken forever to the home game console and online.  In fact, our son (who is 18) couldn’t fathom the thought of having to leave the house to play video games.

Anyway, for kids like me who remember how cool a place the arcade was, this is the ultimate prize.

Through a company called Omaze, you’ll have the opportunity to win $30,000 to create your own custom home arcade complete with pinball machines, gaming consoles, HDTVs, furniture, etc.

All details below…

Win the Ultimate Home Arcade or Game Room

YOU WILL: Score $30,000 to bring your dream home arcade or game room to life Use the cash to splurge on your favorite retro cabinet games, pinball machines, table games, comfy couches or something so wild we haven't thought of it yet Support the Comic-Con Museum and their work creating awareness and appreciation for c