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Let’s break this all down ya’ll.  Did you see last night’s ACM Awards?  What a different experience that was!  And you really can’t compare it to past awards show.  Obviously, without an audience, it was very different. I think my girl Debbie expressed it best when she said “It was kind of like watching a soundcheck.” You know what they say about opinions.  As a country music fan, these are simply mine.

You guys know how much I LOVE Keith Urban but awards show host he isn’t.  I imagine even if these were “normal” times Keith would struggle in this role.  No need to comment on his looks and talent, they speak for themselves but hosting a major awards show like that just wasn’t in his wheelhouse.  And I’m sorry but that hair!!  I got a text from Tanner’s wife last night, “WTH is going on with Keith Urban’s Hair …smiley face”.  Too much conditioner is must guess.  Minor point but we noticed;)

I did love the fact that they did not pipe in artificial audience sound effects.  They kept it organic and as pure and as fitting to the occasion as they could and I loved that. It was strange that it was so quiet but it was honest and you just can’t beat honesty. Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black!! They looked amazing. I won’t speculate on how or why, but I appreciated that they did.  It was great to see them happy and healthy and young-looking and it was great to see them together after all these years.

We adore Old Dominion and happy for their wins for Song of the Year and Group of the Year.  And their acceptance speech brought me to tears. They acknowledged how quiet it was and it reminded them of loved ones lost and feeling their presence in the room with them. I cried.

I’m a huge Kelsea Ballerini fan, I would have loved to see her pick up the trophy for female vocalist of the year but there is no denying that Maren Morris is a powerhouse and had a great year.

Of course, I am very good with Luke Combs winning Male artist of the year. That’s our boy.  Who didn’t love “God’s Country” for a single of the year, it did what country music is supposed to do and expresses how everyone feels who is blessed enough to get to live the country.

About my girls….they all looked amazing!!  You know I’m not all about fashion and or makeup, I just can’t give too much of a girly point of view on that but I thought they all looked beautiful and Carrie has been working out those arms!  I enjoyed Miranda’s stripped-down version of Bluebird.

Kane Brown, he moved me to tears with “Worldwide Beautiful” of the best moments of the night. Of course, the HUGE surprise was the tie for Entertainer of the Year.  I was expecting Carrie to win it, super surprised about that tie. I would have loved to have seen Carrie win that solo. And I ADORE Thomas Rhett. I love his talent and the way he loves his family and the way he loves and thanks, Jesus. If there had to be a tie here, I would have gone with Luke Bryan on that one.

Here is one of my favorite performances of the night, the retooled “Hole In The Bottle”.  It’s fun and we could all “use a drink”.