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This is a young lady who made a statement

Many have different opinions about the recent protest in this country. Lot’s of the protest have turned into riots that included property damage and loss of live. I have to applaud this young lady for the decision she made during a march in the state of Washington.

Lysa Cole is a 20-year-old Spokane woman who saved a burning American flag during a protest on June 7   To honor her for this act, Lysa was granted a scholarship by Spokane’s ‘Military Officers Association of America’ Chapter.

The president of Spokane’s MOAA Chapter David Melges said this.”These are the type of leaders that we want in the future. One’s that will step forward and look out for everyone, She stood up for everybody that’s ever fought for that flag.”

Lysa has many family members that have served and she explains why she took the flag from the anarchist who were trying to burn it. Hear the story and see what she did by clicking here