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One thing that Showtime does VERY well are entertainment documentaries.  Their docs on Motown, Whitney Houston, etc. have been outstanding.

And I’m glad their turning their eye to this subject.  John Belushi has been gone for so long (OD’d in 1982 at age 33), that many never new or have forgotten what a monster talent he was.  People who grew up on the early days of Saturday Nigh Live STILL quote his characters.  And his character on “Animal House?”  R U kidding?

“On his 30th birthday, The Blues Brothers was number 1, he was on the number one show, and Animal House was the number 1 grossing comedy”

What could go wrong…

The documentary was authorized four years ago and is a project done in part with his wife Judy Belushi Pisano. Also, stars, family, and co-workers such as Chevy Chase, Penny Marshall, Jim Belushi, Lorne Michaels, and more add commentary to the film.  Belushi debuts on Showtime this November 22nd.