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As many of you know , Holy Angels in Belmont is a place I hold near and dear to my heart so I was tickled to death to learn that the First Daughter paid their businesses a visit during her visit to North Carolina yesterday.

Ivanka Trump  visited Cherubs Cafe, The Cotton Candy Factory and Bliss Gallery.  I immediately reached out to my favorite nun of all time Sister Nancy Nance to ask her about the visit.  She says they were made aware that she would be coming the night before but had to keep it a secret.  Sr Nancy says “she was very nice, no mention of voting and she made a purchase in every store”.  She went on to say “She spent some time with staff and one of their residents (Cheryl!) as well as her parents”,  She also purchased one of Cheryl’s paintings.  Ivanka’s son Joseph  was also along.

Holy Angels is local and provides services for children and adults with physical and mental challenges right here in our area.  To learn more about this amazing organization just check out their website !

To learn more about the visit get all the details right here from Channel 3