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I don’t know why this freaks me out especially since it never went online in its former life-but in Germany, there’s a  fully developed nuclear power station that’s now an amusement park.

Wunderland Kalkar is in Kalkar, Germany and it was to be a nuclear-powered generating plant, constructed with every intention of being a fully operating electricity station — and then Chernobyl happened.

Yeah…let’s push pause on that whole nuke plant thing. So it was completed in 1985, cost $5 billion (that FIVE BILLION…ALMOST FORTY YEARS AGO!), but was never switched on.

You gotta like the ingenuity of investors years later that looked at the facility and basically said, “Hey, let’s build Carowinds here.”

The Theme Park Inside An Old Nuclear Power Plant

Wunderland Kalkar, near the German-Dutch border, is a family amusement park... inside a nuclear power plant that was never turned on. Thanks to all the team ...

Wunderland Kalkar has over 600,000 visitors a year, and there are further plans for a wellness park, an indoor winter wonderland and an exhibition center.