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A bridesmaid had awful things to say about friends wedding display.

The bridesmaid took to the internet to show off the meal she didn’t like. It was half a croissant, a bag of chips, two cocktail sticks with cheese and fruit, and a cup with some cut veggies. She was also not pleased with the fact that none of the chairs match at the reception.

Here are some of the responses online: “This is literally what I gave my toddler for lunch today minus the chips,” one person commented, while another added, “They couldn’t even spring for a full sandwich? Just half each? Damn.” Another added, “Yeah, that’s the saddest thing I ever saw that didn’t involve puppies getting hurt.”

My wife and I eloped. We also had a store bought cake. One that we didn’t even order. Is that kind of nasty response really needed?

Here is a photo from our big day!

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Source: The Mirror