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Catherine Lane

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We have so many tornado warnings in our area that I am afraid I don’t pay enough attention to them.  Often I am on the air when we have them and as a broadcaster we are responsible for making sure the information gets out to you.  If I am home, I usually go out on my front porch to look for it (not smart btw).

I can understand how one North Carolina family felt relatively safe as they were driving home over the weekend.  The rain was heavy but they were not aware there was a tornado warning right in their area.

Michael and Annie and their two kids were in the Dillon, South Carolina area driving home to Hendersonville when the skies suddenly darkened, the wind picked up and debris started flying.  They started taping just in case something bad happened to them.  In the video you can actually catch a glimpse of the twister.  Yes, they found themselves driving directly beside a tornado.

To check out the harrowing video from an Asheville TV Station.