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About two weeks ago, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery held their annual “Mecktoberfest Celebration.”  One week later we were there for dinner and a final stop on a Sunday Funday Brewery Tour with friends.  All seemed well and normal to us.

Then that Monday hit…and it “hit the fan.”

Look, I’m not saying that the videos and pictures that have been released to social media didn’t show SOME irresponsible behavior during a global pandemic (by patrons, not the OMB staff).  I’m just saying that the coverage of this has been horrific and completely sensationalistic by the media.

To hear the reports and see the visuals of people in hazmat suits, you’d think the OMB was pouring liquid Covid-19 into their beer steins and forcing it down people’s throats.

In truth, there have been two…let me repeat, TWO positive tests that have come from people that attended this event.  Further, it cannot be determined if they contracted the virus at OMB or not.  And I remind you, a positive test result for Covid-19 IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.

I think it’s been very unfair to the owners and operators.  You’d think that OMB was changing it’s name to “The Scarlet Letters.”  So,  I’m glad they released this open correspondence to their customers and the community yesterday.

Read it.

Until a couple of weeks ago it had been several years since I’d been there; however, my admiration and empathy for this Charlotte micro-brew landmark has grown through this incident to the point that I’ll be back…SOON!


Open Letter to OMB Customers and the Charlotte Community - The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

A little over two weeks ago OMB held its 12 th Annual Mecktoberfest Celebration at the Brewery and Biergarten on Yancey Road here in Charlotte. As this has been one of the most difficult years of OMB's existence, we were looking forward to a scaled back event as we tip-toed back to some semblance of normal life again.