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She also made fun of him passing soon and getting his money.

Olivia C. Stone recently married Lee R. Hopkins. Lee is a resident where she works. Here’s the concern:  Lee as an 89-year-old resident with dementia.

Lee Hopkins was not a full-time patient of hers. Olivia  says she got to know him while she brought him  pills on a number of occasions. According to Stone, Hopkins has trouble remembering her name and what day of the month it is, but still she decided to marry a guy who is 70 years older than herself.

What would really be funny about his situation, if Lee had “no money.” I assume she thinks she is going to go to the bank soon from her Facebook post. But what if Lee was broke and fooled her? That would be awesome!

This story really make me mad since it looks like she obviously has very bad intentions. Read all about the story and her Facebook post by clicking here.


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