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There are anti-heroes and then there are these guys:  “Vic Mackie” from “The Shield,” “Walter White” from “Breaking Bad,” “Tony Soprano” from “The Sopranos,” and serial killer “Dexter Morgan” from “Dexter.”

Dexter may have been the most puzzling as a viewer and fan as this guy is a killer…okay, he only kills those that “deserve it,” but he’s a killer.  And you didn’t just like him…you ROOTED for his success in life.


For 8 seasons on Showtime, “Dexter Morgan”  (played by the brilliant Michael C Hall) hid out in plain sight actually working in forensics for the Miami PD while satisfying his “urges” when the proper times arose.  However, at the end of the final season, fans were left dissatisfied.

With his world coming down upon him in a lot of ways…Dexter faked his death and ended up as a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest?

Well, sometimes showbiz gives you a mulligan.  And for Showtime and Dexter fans, here it comes.  Yesterday the announcement was made that production will begin in 2021 and a tentative premiere date will be in the fall of next year.

Showtime Networks’ president of entertainment Gary Levine explained that Showtime would only revisit Dexter if a creative take could be given to the character and Levine says Dexter is worthy of the comeback.

FIRED UP!  Let’s see if they can get it right this time.