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So there are notes we get…and then there’s THIS!

Hey! I just wanted to know if my little 4 year old boy, Luca Scott, could possibly get a shoutout from y’all! He is a top 10 finalist for the kids mullet championship contest and there are 6 days left to vote!

You can go to the website below and vote once a day, every 24 hours until the 25th of October!

USA Mullet Championships | Business Up Front & Party In The Back

You can vote once a day, beginning Oct. 14th through Oct. 25th VOTE NOW! Glorified, demonized, respected and detested, the Mullet has endured throughout human history to be officially celebrated at the USA Mullet Championships. Think you've got what it takes to win? Details will be coming soon.

If he wins he’s wanting to buy himself a tractor! Literally a dream for him and he’s so excited to have made the top 10 for this mullet contest. He was born in Columbus, GA, but we are currently living back home here in China Grove NC. If y’all could help us out by a shout out and spreading the love that would be so awesome!

Well, in a phrase…heck yeah we’ll help you out!  Everyone…VOTE FOR MY MAN!  And if you’re looking for further evidence of  how glorious of a mullet we’re talking about here…check out the gallery below!