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Thinking about taking a vacation during the holidays? Gone are the days of piling some clothes into a bag, throwing a dart at a map, and hopping on the next plane ride there. Traveling in 2020 requires more planning than ever so to help, here are the most important questions to be asking yourself before finalizing your plans.

  • What is the risk level in the areas where you’re traveling to and from? Before you look up ‘fun things to do’ wherever you’re thinking about traveling to, you should be looking up how risky it is there. President of the National Association of County and City Health Officials Jennifer Kertanis says she looks at recent case counts per 100,000 residents. You’ll know when the math doesn’t check out when you start feeling uneasy.
  • What risks do you pose to others? The spread is a two-way street. You should worry about giving it to others as much as you’re worried about getting it from them. You don’t have to quarantine for a few weeks and get tested before you head home for Thanksgiving, but it’s not a bad idea. Especially if you’re having a holiday dinner with someone that’s at-risk or has preexisting conditions.
  • What will you do during your visit? Try your hardest to keep your plans as low-risk as possible. The CDC has labeled large, indoor holiday dinners with people who live outside of your household as a “higher risk.” Take this as your chance to make a new family tradition. How about a pre-outdoor meal group hike where everyone stays away from one another.

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