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Cuddle Bunny, a recently established business at 2901 N. Clark Chicago, advertises a variety of events centered around bunnies.

The owner, Barbara Burdick, otherwise known as “bb,” came up with the idea after hearing a friend discuss the different animal cafes she visited in Japan. “Initially, I wanted to make that a cafe and make this the bunny club part of it,” says Burdick. “After COVID hit, I was so glad I just did the bunny club. I would have been bankrupt if I had a cafe and no one was coming to the cafe.”

For $12/hour, customers can love, pet, and feed a variety of different bunnies. Cuddle Bunny boasts other special events as well, including Reading to the Bunnies, Bunny Yoga, and of course, you can always create your own occasion, too.