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I remember when we lived in Augusta, Georgia.  There was a guy in our neighborhood who was OBSESSED with yardwork-he loved it.  In fact, he loved cutting his grass so much, he purchased a used mower from Augusta National Golf Club (where The Masters is contested) for, I think, 5 grand?  Anyway, you could literally putt on his lawn.  It was amazing.  The HOA quit handing out “Yard of the Month” because no one could compete with him.

Which leads me to this year’s “Father of the Year” award.  I don’t care WHAT you or your dad has done, he’s a loser.  You cannot compete.

The winner?  Sean LaRochelle of Napa, California.  Disneyland closed in mid-March due to the Coronavirus, so he set about building a scaled down version of the “Matterhorn” ride.  How incredible is this?! It’s a 2-stories tall, carries a single passenger and in its 400+ feet of track you’ll see Swiss flags, waterfalls, and even a Yeti!

Matterhorn - Alpine Escape | POV

We couldn't get to Disneyland during quarantine, so we brought Disneyland to us. Check out our version of Matterhorn: Alpine Escape! The most elaborate and d...

Sean started building the ride a couple of weeks after Disney shut down. He finished in July.