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I’ve got to tell you something about me that is NOT a good quality at all.  If someone admires something I am wearing or something I have, I might just give it to you.  I’m not bragging, it is a fault of mine.

In this picture, Deanna Carter is showing off a watch I gave her.  She admired it and I just took it right off my wrist and gave it to her.  Dang it, I loved that watch.  It was only twenty dollars but it was sparkly and I love sparkly.  She went crazy over it and so I just couldn’t help myself.

My Throwback Thursday video of the week belongs to Deanna Carter.  Deanna was born and bred right there in Nashville and had several hits, including “Did I Shave My Legs For This”, And “You and Tequila” but is probably best known for her 1995 Grammy award winning hit, “Strawberry Wine”.  Turn it up, enjoy and think about that very first sip:

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine (Official Video)

Music video by Deana Carter performing Strawberry Wine #DeanaCarter #StrawberryWine #Vevo