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Chancellor Lee Adams.  When I saw his name this morning, it rang a bell, but I could not remember why.  Then I read further and had that “Oh…yeah” moment.

And it’s not a good “Oh…yeah,” although, I guess it should be.

Chancellor Lee’s mother was Cherica Adams, the woman who-at thirty weeks pregnant-was murdered by the baby’s father, Carolina Panthers’ receiver, Rae Carruth.

It was the most heinous of acts.  Easily, the darkest moment in the history of the Panthers’ franchise.  I know people who were on the team at that time.  They don’t talk about it.

The gunshots that took her life caused Chancellor Lee to be born pre-maturely and with Cerebral Palsy.  Raised by his maternal grandmother, Saundra Adams, he recently turned 21.

A miracle.

And, as I change my mind on the “Oh…yeah” recognition of who Chancellor Lee Adams is, a reminder that great things can come from tragedy.

'Miracle baby' Chancellor Lee Adams celebrates 21st birthday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Chancellor Lee Adams has been called a "miracle baby" in the past, but now he's reached yet another milestone - his 21st birthday. WBTV's Steve Crump spoke with Chancellor and his grandmother, Saundra Adams, about how he is surviving and thriving now.