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Two years ago, I reconnected with an old high school basketball teammate upon the tragic death of his younger brother.

The next part of that conversation included a promise by us both to keep in touch.  Unfortunately, neither of us lived up to our respective end of that bargain, and this morning I’m left with regret.

Earlier this year I lost a fraternity pledge brother, and now someone who I literally shed blood, sweat, and tears with.  The relationships you have with teammates are special.  Even if you weren’t close “off the court/field”, what you shared on them bonds you in a way that’s hard to explain.

I haven’t seen him in person in more than 30 years, yet his loss cuts like a knife this morning.  When you lose a teammate, you lose a bit of yourself.

Farewell Scott (no need to include anymore details about his identity here), and Godspeed.  Your competitive nature and smart, quick wit will be missed by me and all whose lives your touched.