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So, we’ve known for years that mouthwash can kill halitosis (bad breath) as well as aid in good oral hygiene.  However, now comes news that it could be of primary assistance in battling a global pandemic.

There is a new study out from Cardiff University (UK) that indicates that that mouthwash can kill the coronavirus within 30 seconds of touching it.

According to Dr. Nick Claydon, “If these positive results are reflected in Cardiff University’s clinical trial, CPC-based mouthwashes… could become an important addition to people’s routine, together with hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks, both now and in the future.”

Not a bad idea to add this to your daily regimen if you have not already.

Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 in 30 seconds, study reveals

Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds of exposure in a laboratory, a new UK study revealed. The preliminary findings - the result of research conducted at Cardiff University - indicate that over-the-counter mouthwashes containing at least 0.07 percent cetypyridinium chloride (CPC) showed "promising signs" of being able to destroy the virus when exposed in a lab setting.