The Hallmark Channel's #CountdownToChristmas 2020 movie series kicks off October 23.

Can you believe it has been nearly 9 months of dealing with coronavirus? Although we all hoped differently, Coronavirus is not at its very worst instead of any better.

Leading into the holidays, the United States is at its worst in regards to Coronavirus; the number of daily cases now exceeds 150,000. Experts are predicting the number of cases will continue to go up too as we prepare for colder temperatures, Thanksgiving gatherings, and of course, Christmas.

An infectious disease physician at Duke University School of Medicine said these will likely be the main reasons that COVID-19 will spread over the holidays:

  1. Gatherings with people of all ages come into contact

    • When mixing together different age groups for holiday get-togethers, you are heightening the risk that the virus could be more dangerous.
  2. Indoor dining, drinking, and religious services are potential superspreaders

    • As colder temperatures move in, we will no longer be able to enjoy outdoor dining, which causes many more risks.
  3. Traveling to see family over the holidays

    • Any time spent in airports or public transportation presents a risk of spread.
  4. Spreading through asymptomatic people who are attending holiday functions.

    • Just because you do not feel as though you have symptoms, doesn’t mean you are not sick, and this will be a big way that the virus is spread through the holiday season.
  5. People will assume they are taking enough safety measures, and they are not.

    • Coronavirus can take up to 14 days before showing its effects. It is important to remember that even if you took a test the day after hanging out with someone, you could still have the disease and develop symptoms later on.

Whatever you and your family decide to do this holiday season, remember to stay safe!

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