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ONLY in a place like New York could someone even THINK about doing this, much less have it happen without complaint.

City Winery is a joint with a winery feel and a venue for live entertainment.  Beginning Tuesday, it will be the first restaurant in America to test EVERY customer for Covid-19 prior to entry.  Wait, here’s the catch…THE CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE TEST!

It’s a rapid test (hence the cost), but bottom line, you’re gonna have a $50 charge on your check before you even sit down to silverware and a glass of water.

I can’t imagine ANYONE going for this.

New York restaurant to make guests take $50 COVID test to enter

Daily Mail 19 hrs ago Charlotte Mitchell For Mailonline A New York City restaurant and live music venue has said it will charged diners to take a rapid coronavirus test before being allowed to eat inside two days a week.