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Catherine Lane

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She was supposed to be Tanner’s dog but as luck would have it we got to add Winnie to our family.

It just wasn’t the right time for the Tanner clan when Winnie was ready to go home . Missy showed me her photo and I asked if she minded if I stepped in to adopt her.  With her blessing, I surprised my husband with a new puppy.  You can imagine how that went but very soon he fell in love and the rest is history.

She is a member of the Tanner In The Morning  show when she is allowed in.  Matt from Old Dominion asked if he could take her with them on their tour bus (that’s a hard no:)  She greets people when I visit clients, she says hello to artists and even dresses up on holidays for us. But mostly she just blesses us with her sweetness and love.  Enjoy these pics from the past few years.

Winnie Gives Free Hugs for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and Winnie was feeling extra loving today. Single or taken, she felt everyone in the office deserved a big ole hug this morning!