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There’s a new internet trend in time for Christmas with the hashtag elf on the shelf where famous people show images of another celebrity on their shoulder that rhymes with their name and country stars are having fun with it.

One of the first stars to do it was Reba as she posted to Instagram, a picture of Justin Bieber on her should and tagged it “Beibs On Reebs.” She posted, You’ve heard of #elfontheshelf, now get ready for this…@kchenoweth, I see your #LenoOnCheno and raise you a #BiebsOnReebs!”

Dierks Bentley just did on on Instagram, posting, “#jerksondierks….rhyming is tough over here, guys. #homealone #elfontheshelf.”

Also joining in on the fun is Nicole Kidman who posted an image of she and her shoulder reins Mick jagger writing, “I raise you one “Mick on a Nic” @ElizabethBanks Love seeing everyone have a little holiday fun.”

Luke Bryan posted, “@ryanseacrest what about “Crying Ryan on a Bryan”?

Billy Ray Cyrus posted, “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, but how about Willie-on-Billy?! Too fun, had to join @reesewitherspoon @markruffalo @garcelle and more! @willienelsonofficial.”

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