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Reba McEntire has a bunch of childhood memories of her Christmas mornings in Oklahoma with her mom and dad and three siblings.

Reba recalls what her older brother would do on Christmas Day, “The funniest thing I can always remember about Christmastime is my older brother Pake, when we were kids at home, he’d always be the first one to jump out of bed and run down the hall, and he’d just run down the hall with his underwear on. And he’d say, ‘If y’all don’t hurry up and get up and get in here, I’m opening all the presents by myself.’”

She adds, “But he knew it was a standing rule we all had to be in there before anybody could open up a present, but I can still see Pake running down the hall.”

Reba has three Christmas album to date. Her first was released n 1987 and called Merry Christmas To You. In 1999, she released The Secret Of Giving Christmas Collection and in 2018 she released her latest holiday effort, My Kind Of Christmas.

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