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So, our family Christmas vacation adventure in Texas continued last night with my brother-in-law (arguably the great ambassador for Austin, Texas-EVER) leading our two-car, nine-person family caravan to and thru a light display that was somewhat familiar.

I can’t remember if it was the first or second year that Charlotte Motor Speedway did their big Christmas light display, my (Charlie) parents were in town and we took them thru.  My dad, many years before as a photographer with The Charlotte News, had covered the speedway’s opening and was thrilled to drive around the track at the end of the tour.  Mom loved the lights.

Anyway, Austin is home to “The Circuit of the Americas.”  This is a Formula One racing track and home of The United State Gran Prix, the only Formula One race in America.

Like CMS, they let you drive on the track/road course and take in a pretty cool Christmas light display as well.  Here’s some highlights.  What do you think?  Does CMS do it better?