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Carly Pearce admits that 2020 has been one of the toughest years of her life, but she also says, “I think 2020 for me was the biggest learning lesson of my life.”

After a quick marriage ended in divorce, Carly spent a lot of time this year reflecting and being introspective and trying to get her heart and her mind in a good place. And as she looks ahead to 2021, she says, “I think that you have to remember the stillness and remember what you learned, implement what you discovered about yourself, and don’t forget that.”

Once Pearce is able to tour again and her life gets back to semi-normal, she says, “I think it’s so easy for us to kind of just be robots and do day in and day out and not check in with ourselves, and not just kinda make sure we’re okay.”

So, while Carly is an avid runner and takes great care of her body, she wants to make sure in 2021, she’s also taking care of her mind and her soul.

Carly Pearce