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As I logged on to Facebook the other day, I came across the latest post from a good friend of ours.  I knew she and her family had tested positive, but other than a quick, text conversation with her husband, we had not communicated.  This is her story, her diary of her and her family’s experience with Covid-19.

I hope you think it’s as informative, interesting, and REAL as I do.

SO many people have been reaching out to help or ask how we are doing since COVID hit our household and it’s super appreciated! A lot of people have gone through this, but not a lot has been shared about their experiences openly. I am not a huge sharer, but thought if it helps to write out what’s been going on, then hey why not… I know a lot of people are super curious to what we are going through at the moment. I don’t believe there should be a stigma attached to this nor should you feel ashamed you have it and need to keep it secret. So here goes (and I’ll update later on):

How did we get it? Not 100% sure, but my husband and I went out to eat at a rather large restaurant/bar in Southend Charlotte on Sat. 26th (yes, we wore masks except for when at our table). How long did it take before we noticed symptoms? Well if it was the 26th, then it was 3 days or so.

Day 1: Both me and hubby have dry coughs out of blue and I have a funny feeling in my throat at the base of my neck. Not entirely sore, but like a dry irritated patch developed there. Kids are fine.

Day 2: I wake up with mild fever 99.5; headache, bodyaches, slight nausea, runny nose, unhappy tummy, coughing is little worse for me today ***this is for sure my “ding-ding-ding” moment that we might have a problem here and I’m super PO’d because I had dinner reservations at the new Steak 48 that I canceled out of caution*** Thankfully hubby only has a cough still – literally nothing else. My body aches are the worst with it mainly being in my back area. Kids are still fine. So fine in fact, that the older one was no longer speaking to us because we banned him from meeting his friends out just in case. The younger one was pissed because he had to miss out on athletic conditioning that night. I am TRYING desperately all day to get in to get a test – nothing available – and the earliest test I can book online is 3 days out ????. You can’t just walk in anymore trust me. If you can, bring lunch and dinner with you.

Day 3: Started the same exact way for me as day 2, mild fever (just under a 100) except I notice my smell is perhaps a little less than it should be (I think it “could be” because I am congested). Hubby is still only coughing mildly. My oldest wakes up and it has now gotten him. His symptoms are just like mine, but he somehow managed to skip the cough part. We both take Mucinex All-In-One and it helps tremendously. I also took some Tylenol last two days. I think he has forgiven us for not letting him out the night before and understands why. Our youngest continues to do fine and thinks we are all crazy. Dinner time is when I notice my smell & taste have taken a nose-dive. It’s not that I can’t smell or taste anything, it’s just very distorted. I always eat brussel sprouts and my family complains of the smell – I never noticed it, but I sure did when I cooked them tonight. It was horrible, like a death smell in waves. We had filet mignon (its NYE) and the meat which was cooked tasted uncooked and the texture was like it was raw, mushy. It sort of reminded me of when I was pregnant if I’m being honest and nothing tasted/smelled right. 

Day 4: No fever today but everything else is still going on and I have a heavy feeling all over; like a weight of 25 lbs is strapped to me. I don’t feel fatigued per say as I can get up and move around, but it’s like moving through quicksand to do stuff. I notice my cough is getting less, BUT is getting a little more phlegmy when I do cough. I start doing those deep breathing exercises and while a little sore, totally possible to complete and it leaves you tired for sure. My coffee just tastes hot, there is no vanilla creamer or vanilla coffee taste and trust me it’s in there. I am still hungry too – go figure I can’t catch a break on losing a few lbs with this – so I eat a few things and notice I only taste the seasonings (salt, pepper, hot sauce – not the actual food). I ate some pretzels and they tasted like salt sticks. Ice cream cookie sandwich only tastes cold. My husband is still only mildly coughing and is now convinced he is fine and over whatever he had (like many things, I tell him he’s wrong). Our oldest son still feels like he did before, no worse, like a cold basically. Our youngest boy is the champ with zero ailments. Clemson loses and I think this hurts my 3 boys more than anything right now. Probably good hubby needs to be in hiding for awhile to calm down. Tomorrow is test day for me. 

Day 5: It’s test day for me – wake up with no fever (yeah!), but definitely more congested than past days and my head hurts more like I should have a fever, but I don’t. I am clammy feeling. Cold, but sweating. My back hurts – this is like someone sticking you with something sharp. It moves around too, like not constant or all over, sometimes it’s my arms/shoulders that I feel it as well. I am trying not to lay down too much as they say that’s bad, but it’s confusing because they also say to rest and sitting up is not restful to me. At the urgent care, it is thankfully so easy and it is over in like 15 minutes. The doctor is sooo extremely nice too… she tells me “congrats on your positive start to the New year”. She was kidding people. But yes, I was positive which was kinda like finding out you were pregnant after you feel the baby kick I guess. But good to have a “for sure” stamp on what was going on. The doctor’s rules are obviously to stay quarantined until next weekend (it’s a 10 day sentence now). We are all considered positive (even the youngest) since 3 out of 4 of us have symptoms. The other 3 do not have to test. There is a great debate if next Saturday is the day we can go out or the last day we have to stay in. You know who is causing the debate and he’s still pissed over the Clemson game. The main point is that if any of us develops a fever then we go back to square one. I do find it weird how the symptoms come and go as they please. There are moments where I feel fairly good and then 30 minutes later, it’s horrible. But overall yes, EXTREMELY grateful that they are not serious symptoms and I am saying my daily prayers that we are very fortunate as well. Hopefully it will continue to do so. We got another week to go…