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South Carolina wants to freshen up its state flag, but not everyone is crazy about the proposed redesign. The reason for the redesign is that there is no official state flag. In fact, South Carolina hasn’t had an official flag for 80 years. Surprising but true.

The design under consideration (bottom) was brought forth by a panel of historians. It looks familiar with its indigo background and crescent in the upper left corner. The issue is with the palmetto tree. It has drawn comparisons to a feather duster and even a toilet brush. The Post and Courier newspaper in Columbia put an unofficial poll for the new design on Twitter. Some of the responses are pretty harsh:

  • “Total trash. The palmetto tree looks as if a chainsaw had rampaged through it. The composition is disproportionate and out of balance with the tree too large and the crescent moon too small and misplaced. The artist deserves capital punishment LOL”
  • “Looks like a kindergartener made this for a class assignment!”
  • “What’s wrong with the palm tree. It looks sick”
  • “Palmetto looks like 2020 did a number on it. BAD.

Not exactly ringing endorsements. Whether the proposed flag will become the official version remains to be seen. The South Carolina General Assembly will vote on it when they reconvene on January 12th. See the new proposed design here.

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