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Regardless of your politics, I think it can be universally agreed that the last few days have not been good ones for President Donald J. Trump.

First, he must shoulder some responsibility for inciting storming of our nation’s capitol and the violence and death that resulted from those actions.

Then, Congress has begun the process of bringing forth (again) articles of impeachment.

Next, the PGA of America announced they’ve cancelled their scheduled playing of one of golf’s major championships, The PGA Championship, in 2022 at his Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

And now, perhaps the greatest professional football coach in the game’s history has flat out rejected the single highest honor that can be bestowed upon a American civilian:  The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

New England Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick released the following statement Monday night, “Recently, I was offered the opportunity to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which I was flattered by out of respect for what the honor represents and admiration for prior recipients.  Subsequently, the tragic events of last week occurred and the decision has been made not to move forward with the award.”