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Catherine Lane

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Matthew Hehs of Mooresville  says if he hadn’t been low on energy and hungry he never would have stopped at a local convenience store.  Matthew bought a salad and the drink before work.  And just for fun he bought a lottery ticket.

Matthew says “I scratched the first one and nothing.  When I scratched the second one, I had to take  a step back and triple check to make sure I understood it was a $100,000 dollar win.”  He goes on to say it will be money well spent.  “My Mom’s being released from the hospital and I told her not to worry about bills cause I would be helping her out” . He goes on to say he plans to help the Iredell county sheriffs department and first responders  in his home county”.  Be sure and save some for yourself  Matthew!

Kip Moore - Beer Money

Download Kip's debut album Up All Night on iTunes! for Kip once a day every day to win an American Country Award this ye...