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While we were on vacation last month, I had someone recognize my voice in public and came up to talk about the show.  She asked how old our son was.  I pointed him out to her (he was standing a few feet away, talking with friends) and said, “He’s 19 and a freshman at Coastal Carolina.”

Her response, “OMG!  I still remember the first summer you were here and you played him crying on the phone because someone pooped in the neighborhood pool and he couldn’t go swimming.”

Hogan was 4.

It was a very humbling moment for me to realize how much you have been a part of our lives in  so many ways.  And you’ve been witness to so much.

That’s just a drop in the ocean compared to someone like Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman,” from The Food Network.  Her kids have literally grown up on TV in front of us as she’s cooked away in front of the cameras on her Oklahoma ranch.

Her eldest son, Bryce, graduated from high school early last month so that he could enroll early at The University of North Texas (Debbie’s alma mater) early to be a part of spring practice for the football team where he’s been recruited to play quarterback.

In my mind, and because of constant reruns, I just think this kid is a buzz cut, 8-year-old.   WRONG.  Check out Ree’s Instagram post below.


Amazing how time flies.