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I remember last spring when the Covid-19 pandemic was in its early stages, a popular refrain was, “The cure must not be worse than the disease.” When it comes to the education of our children, we’ve failed dramatically on that front.

And no, you will NEVER hear me blame teachers for this. On the contrary, I believe every teacher who has done all in their power to teach-whether in person or online-is heroic.

That being said, no one in their right mind believes that remote (online) learning is anything but a disaster. In-person learning is the only way for our kids to learn, grow, and maintain their sanity.

As a Union County resident, it made me very happy to read that our public schools (UCPS) are moving back into in-person learning beginning today.

Plan A and Plan B will resume for all students K-12.

Elementary students will resume in-person classes four days a week. Meanwhile, middle/high school students will continue in-person classes two days a week.

Fridays will remain a remote learning day for all.

The sooner we can get completely back to normal (everyone in person, every weekday), the sooner we can begin to undo the educational and psychological damage done by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the better.

The cure has been worse than the disease, and it must stop being that way.