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Catherine Lane

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Luke Combs is revealing something in a recent television interview that so many of us can relate to.  In an interview with Dan Rather, he says he has experienced anxiety from middle school through the end of college.  He says he suffers from “Purely Obsessional OCD” a unique form of obsessive compulsive disorder.

He says he has it under control for the most part and it occurs in the form of obsessive thinking about very specific issues.  For him he worries about his health like having a stroke or heart attack.

This is something I can relate to on a very personal level.  All my life I have been a “worrier” as my parents used to call it.  I would obsess over pretty much anything.  And I would do strange compulsive things like take a step on the staircase in my childhood home, then have to go back and take two, then go back and take three.  I don’t do that today but I do sleep very little at night.   I wake up and obsess over anything and everything.  It is exhausting.  Sadly I haven’t found a medication to help me yet.  I DO try to mediate and pray and that helps me more than anything.

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