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Gov. Roy Cooper delivers a briefing on North Carolina’s coronavirus pandemic response Monday, Jun. 15, 2020, at the NC Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh, N.C.

Yesterday, Governor Roy Cooper held his weekly address to the state regarding the Coronavirus.  I was most curious how he was going to explain how we are among the WORST states in the country at rolling out the vaccine.  How bad?

26% of the doses received have been given to people. That means some 74% are just sitting somewhere. And to answer your next question, the vaccine can last up to six months in a freezer or only five days refrigerated.

This is not opinion, this is fact.

So how does he open the press conference?  He began with a the assertion that more people would be alive in NC if some state and local leaders hadn’t downplayed the importance of masks and socially distancing.

This is what has always troubled me about Cooper’s “leadership” during the pandemic.  He’s like a slight of hand magician who draws your attention to one thing so you won’t notice what’s going on in the other.   Let me explain what I’m talking about.

A good friend of mine, Brett Jenson from WBT, dove into some real numbers after Cooper’s presser.  Here’s what he found.

-7,638 people in NC have died thus far associated with COVID-19 (and I am saddened by each and every one, as are we all)
-3,575 have died in congregate living centers (retirement homes, assisted living facilities, prisons, rehab centers, etc.)
-1,654 deaths have no data

So, let me do some math for you. OF THE KNOWN DEATHS, 59.74% have come in congregate living centers. This is stunningly high and one of the worst in the nation.  Oh, and FYI, Governor Cooper  and NC Health Director, Dr. Mandy Cohen didn’t implement any safety measures for congregate living centers until August.  August, five months AFTER he shut the state down.  Up until then, each facility was on its own to get testing or PPE, despite those being readily available months before then.

-704 is the current number of outbreaks in congregate living centers.
-83% of all deaths in NC are from people 65+ despite being only 15% of the cases.
-60% of all deaths in NC are from people 75+ despite being only 7% of the cases.

This data is pure fact, not opinion.

Here’s a question that you’ll never hear at a Roy Cooper press conference (because he screens the panel that asks them so he NEVER takes a tough one), “Governor, can you explain your theory on how politicians being anti-mask is a higher cause of death than failing to protect congregate living centers for the first five months of the pandemic?”

When you hear people talk about the politicization of the pandemic, this is what they are talking about.  People like Governor Cooper take ZERO accountability for ANY AND ALL shortcomings on their part (failing to protect citizens in congregate living, failing to roll out the vaccine to citizens in a manner equal to other states), but are real quick to chirp on a political hot button like mask wearing to move attention away from them.

Look, this whole Covid-19 crises is unprecedented.  NO ONE, NO LEADER has made the correct move or decision every time.  Just own it, and stop with the blame game.  Doing that is just compounding one problem with another.

Now this last part IS my opinion, but…