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Written by Shawnice of WBAV

I haven’t set foot in a thrift store in MONTHS@ Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to choose between big-box retailers or not at all. For someone that loves bargain hunting, bin-diving, and the pleasure of finding rare one-of-a-kind pieces for little to nothing… it’s a tragedy! 

Not only for myself but thrift shop owners as well. Our shopping habits have effects on the environment as well as helping small, local businesses keep their doors open so if you’re concerned about shopping for clothes during the coronavirus, you’re not alone.

How to shop secondhand safely during COVID:

  • Call ahead or check the store’s website and social media to ensure the store is following safety protocols.
  • Bring a mask, and disinfecting wipes so that you can clean and disinfect your own shopping cart.
  • Try to only touch and pick up items you intend to purchase. If you’re looking for something specific, consider calling ahead and asking the store owner if it is present and can be set aside.
  • While thrifting, keep your distance from other shoppers, refrain from touching your face, and just try to enjoy your time shopping.
  • Wash hands upon returning home, and launder all new-to-you clothing on the hottest setting after departing from the store.

And just like that, you’re ready to hit shelves!


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