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This is an interview we knew HAD to happen and we’ve been looking forward to it.  On NBC’s New Year’s Eve special, Blake Shelton debuted a brand new single and video for “Minimum Wage.”  Well, in a SHOCKER, there was a groundswell of uproar over the fact that someone like Blake (who made, reportedly, $43.5 million last year) would have the gall to sing about someone making minimum wage.  We go back a long way with Blake (his entire career), and were as puzzled as he.

First, if you take the time to listen to the song or even to read the lyrics, you’d realize that this song is a LOVE letter that just includes the words “minimum wage.”   Secondly, if you’re outraged by this, then you’ve got to get outraged at a lot more.

We cover all this ground, plus our past “pot” misadventures together, and what’s up with the wedding to Gwen Stefani.

“Minimum Wage” is available wherever you like to download your music.