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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

You may have heard of Alex Presley from Cornelius.  He is known far and wide for his TikTok videos.

He was able to use the eyes of all those viewers to find someone who had lost their phone in Lake Norman.  Alex was scuba diving in around 25 feet or water when he saw what he thought was a brand new cell phone stuck in the mud.  The phone wasn’t working then of course but Alex put it in some rice and after a few days he was able to turn the phone on.

He wanted to return the very expensive phone to its rightful owner so he posted a video to social media.  It got 1.5 million views and after ten hours the rightful owner did indeed come forward.  There are still some very kind and thoughtful  people in the world.  To learn more about this story, check it out right here from channel 36