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If you happen to be in Asheville anytime soon and you see a bearded guy and think, “is that Matt from Old Dominion ?”, it just might be.  Nashville’s hottest vocal group has a new album on the way and they are making it close to home.

The boys moved their base of operations to Asheville, North Carolina for three to four weeks  for a whole new project.  They say they chose Asheville over other studios saying the mountain town had everything they needed plus it was far enough from Nashville to make a different during the pandemic but close enough to get back to their families quickly.  Cool!  We love it.

Sidenote:  When they came to see us last year, they fell in love with our Winnie.  They asked if they could take her with them on the tour bus.  Love you boys but that was and is a hard no;)


Old Dominion - Hotel Key

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