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I was never a fan of “The Big Bang Theory,” although Debbie and our son love it.  The character of “Sheldon,” I just find patently annoying.

That being said, I think the show, “Young Sheldon” is fantastic, and I find that portrayal of the character, as a genius boy growing up in middle class Texas to be hysterically entertaining (some of that may have to do with the casting of the family too-which is exceptional).

Anyway, I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and now he’s giving his life, the autobiographical, “Young Sheldon” treatment.

YOUNG ROCK Official Trailer (2021) Dwayne Johnson, Comedy Series HD

YOUNG ROCK Official Trailer (2021) Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Comedy Series HD© 2021 - NBC

The show premiers on NBC on February 16th and I’m kinda fired up to see it!