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I love Charles Barkley. I loved him as a professional basketball player. I love him as an NBA studio analyst on TNT. I love that he speaks his mind. I love that he doesn’t care if you don’t like it. Which is a good thing, because with this statement, I’m afraid “Sir Charles” is on the wrong side of history.

For the most part in life, I believe two things to be true and okay.

1. I believe in meritocracy. If you work hard, if you achieve, and you are given opportunities as a result, then God bless ya.
2. I believe that in life, if you can afford it, you can afford it and it’s not my place to complain if I can’t, but you can.

There is however a HUGE exception to belief number 2…the vaccination procedure for Covid-19.

The current rollout, although not fast enough for any of us, is being done correctly. The more in-need, the more immunocompromised, they are inoculated first. Then in descending order, the rest of us by statistical need (in terms of susceptibility).


I don’t care who you are, or how much money you make.

Which takes me back to Charles Barkley. The NY Post reports that he believes athletes should have priority in getting the coronavirus vaccine. “I think they should let NBA players and coaches all get the vaccine. That’s just my personal opinion. We need 300 million shots. Give some thousand to NBA players … NFL players, hockey players … As much taxes as these players pay, let me repeat that, as much taxes as these players pay, they deserve some preferential treatment.”

WRONG.  When it comes to a global pandemic, NO one is more “deserving” than another.

On this subject, in these times, this is just flat-out wrong.

The second any governmental body give priority due to finances, this whole thing falls apart.